Our professional competence based on our inspiration behind our work We like to see the results of satisfying a customer demand!

     Professional security company “Forsage LTD” was established since 1999. It was the time, when the most people know about security systems, like door phones, video cameras, fire alarm system -  just watching TV, because in our country it was something “not real”.  Nowadays we used to such an expression:
  • Videodoor Phone Systems
  • Security Alarm
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Automation of parking areas
  • Perimeter security systems
  • Intelligent house etc
Now it is so usual for everybody. It is impossible imagine life without security systems. We sell different security systems, and also suggest the installation. Individual attention to client and technical task resolve different clients tasks, access control, fire safety and security in general. We support our client during all the time (advice in the choice, installation, warranty, software adjustment etc). Play the vital role in this approach is our own service office, which operatively can solve each problem of our devices. Today, in Ukraine, we are official dealers of following equipment:
  • Dahua Technology
  • Hikvision
  • NeoLight
  • Commax
  • Slinex
  • BassIP
  • JAblotron
  • Potencial
  • Optex
  • Elmes
  • Satel
  • Orlan
  • Crow
  • Ajax
  • Gsn
  • Dsc
In addition, Forsage LTD is a distributor of modern security equipment, importer of devices to Ukrainian market from factories of Asia- such security systems as:
  • Qualvision
  • ZKTeco
  • ZKTeco
  • Profvision
  • DigiGuard
  • U-tex
The mission of our company in achievement of safety, and provide more strict control in your every day life! We are looking for the technical innovations in security field, because we want to suggest best engineering solution for home or office space. Our employee passing strictly tests about technical knowledge and you can see that straightaway looking for our management department, service office, development department etc. The executive-level managers take part personally in testing of new samples –every product we suggest. Forsage LTD is an expert in security systems and confirm this every day over the years.
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