Access control systems

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 Access control systems  (ACS)

Nowadays, in every modern company becomes necessary to divide access for unauthorized persons not admitted to company area or special departments. Each office has the places, which is prohibited for every person (accountant department, storage, administrative office etc.). Just employees should have this access with restricted access rules. More than that in access software it is possible to control the employment work time in the office (the time when people come to work, the time of leaving office, summary time of refreshment breaks or smoke breaks). If you manage priorities this system enable to calculate just effective employment time and pay salaries in more profitable way for the company and motivate to general cooperative discipline.

The profits of using Access control systems:

  • The limiting and control the access in space like “staff only” without employment inconvenience
  • Fast access to enclosed areas – the identification of ID cards work distantly, and opening of the doors momentary, you should not looking for a key, it is not necessary to put out ID card from the pocket or wallet.
  • The benefit of right technical requirement of access control is that each employee or group of employee have access to particular places on the company area.
  • One ID card possible to program for access in several areas – and irrelevant to take along bunch of keys
  • Despite the fact of making fake key by professional robbers, it is impossible to fabricate ID card for access.
  • Each way for identification (ID cards, key tags, line-code, keyboard, biometric finger print, eye retina scanning, finger vein combined scanner etc) There exists lots of ways how to protect yourself from the robbers, and most of the methods impossible to break down.
  • Support of permanent ID cards for guests
  • Recording of working time (possibility of export the schedule in the different accounting base)
  • The possibility of integration with different kinds of video surveillance, fire alarm systems, 1c and security alarm
  • Photo and video identification of person.

Correct Access control system installation allows you:

  • Real time monitoring of the occurrence. By request, it is possible to identify people by photos and personal data embedded in the chips.
  • Adjustment of user rights + system
  • Remote control access (blocking/ unblocking)
  • Parameter setting of employee
  • Parameter setting of prohibited areas/time for employee
  • Receiving of reports of system occurrences for every historical time (including points of entrance, prohibited entrance, monitoring of operators doings), export/import in Exel with visitor list or modes of access
  • Working with building plans
  • Parameter setting of employees time schedule
  • Receiving of reports of period (list of hours actually worked) Full visit logs, register of deviation from discipline, list of “absents” at work, being late or early leaving work place.
  • Generating and redacting passing card
  • Printing of passing card
  • Automatic passing the information to accountant software
  • Mode of visitors list
  • Mode of visitors cards list
  • Storage of information concerning generation of new cards
  • Mode list of company transport and personal information regarding drivers
  • Mode list of private cars information and owners of this cars, which have the possibility of entrance of company area
  • Interface for identification between employee and theirs own transport, also generation of motor vehicle trip tickets
  • Storage of motor vehicle trip tickets
  • High security mode, when vehicle can be passed just with security system or security man
  • Possibility to adjust SMS informing or telephone call
  • Automatic scanning of personal documents when need of generating permanent passing card.
  • Automatic payment in the dinning room or another service places
  • Limitation of area capacity
  • Integration with information panels
  • Automatic synchronization between visitor and employment list of particular company
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