Video Survelliance

We respect our clients and used to work with them from the beginning of partnerships. In spite of the environment we are solving your new technical requirements or modernizing already installed technologies.

Video surveillance system

Nowadays, the Video surveillance system is the technical devices, which allow you to control any movements on your private space. When you are absent you can use archived video and you can choose the monitoring of real time. The right choice of equipment for a complex of video surveillance you can buy in our online shop with a favorable price! It enable to install correct working high security - video surveillance systems and guarantee heist level of protection at home and in the office.

 The Security Video surveillance system

Today, the video surveillance becomes essential in the modern life. It allows to identify the robber after fact of crime, or control in advance the possibility of doing this crime, which is perfect way to safety. Each “old methods of security” like a steel doors, shutters on the windows, roll-up doors, high secure locks, alarms systems – everything like this, of course effective. But we recommend Security surveillance systems, because it can avoid the incident. The place with Video surveillance is “frightening” for robbers, because of psychological pressure.    Buying video surveillance systems for home Whenever the choice of security systems is consist of main steps like: - Identify customer needs
  • Identify customer needs
  • System projecting based on customer task
  • Selection of devices just carefully follow a plan
  • Cable laying
  • High quality installation
  • Starting-up and adjustment operations
  • Test of system
  • Submission of works
  • Putting into operation with a client
Today we have a wide range of video cameras:
  • IP Video Camera, digital hybrid or analog
  • With lens or without lens
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Dome camera or cylindrical
  • With IR leds or without
  Video recording devices
  • DVR cards – This device is not so popular because of the necessity of PC Software

Additional equipment

  • Monitor
  • Power supply devices
  • Video transmission devices
  • Bracket and hermetic housing
  • IR LEDs
Wherever you want to install you can buy in out professional security systems store agent-007.
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