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Door phone systems. Difficulties which can be during the choice by users.

    Nowadays, we should live in not secure time and that’s why nobody amazed by serious metal doors, window shuttles, alarm systems. It is in the nature of person to safe themselves and theirs property. Door phone systems - becomes popular and more of them are built-in house door. Door phone is the system, which allows to identify the visitor and make decision about passing or not this particular person in the house. Today every high-rise apartment building or private residence can not be without door system. This product becomes necessity for modern people. The most popular are individual door phones for flat/house, which consist the video surveillance system. The manufactures of door phones improve theirs production very fast and functions becomes higher and more useful.  
Видеодомофоны для квартиры: как правильно выбрать, установить и использовать

Recommendation concerning the choice

  If you decide to identify person visually and upon hearing of visitors voice  – door phone will be logical and right choice. Several factors influence on the right decision.  
Видеодомофон с цветным монитором Commax CDV 70A
  Essentially needs to be defined: which size of monitor you need for identification of the guests, necessity of safe pictures in archive when you at home or during your absents. It is also possible to install additional video cameras (for example enable to install video surveillance on the blind zone). Your questions answered allow you to choose right model of video door phone, which can be high-performance equipment.  

Video door phones for flat: The main properties and capabilities

       The size of video door phones influence on the size of the screen picture - possibility to recognize visitor. The price of main diagonal phones is a bit higher.      The picture is display on the monitor. That is why, it is important to investigate the brand and options. Usually this monitors used with diagonal 3.5” or 10”. The most popular has a middle size -7”. If the consumer wants to receive video signal from several video cameras, it is more suitable to buy bigger monitor. Additional video cameras necessary to install around the lift, on the landing, parking area etc. This allow to adjust essential control system and possibility to recognize clear picture on the screen. The quantity of video cameras is 2-4 which can be supported by video door phone. If you need more serious level of security and control you should use video surveillance system, which enable to see “every square meter” on your area. This more strict system can work correctly by using DVRs (Digital video recorders) Exist 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel and 32-channel DVRs, which enable high security and strict control.
Видеодомофон устанавливают таким образом, чтобы он обеспечивал широкий обзор Installation of video door phone panel in the way, which allow wide angle in front of the office door or flat. Audio talking can be in the several ways: with telephone or speaker phone (loud voice communications). Nowadays it is popular the models without door phone tube, because of practicality and space efficiency. Some models have additional door phone tube. This verification more suitable for big areas houses.

Additional functions: Using micro SD cards and motion control sensors

  For convenience of video recording, modern door phones have recording function on the memory SD cards. It can be used as a video record and storage starting with 128 shots. Photographic image made in the hidden way, that is why, guest not aware it.

Камера видеонаблюдения домофона может находиться отдельно от переговорного устройства Video surveillance camera can be possessed separately of audio system. For people, who absent at home pretty often, will be useful video record with recording history of different times. Top models of door phones can be send video archives by email to owner of the house. Use capacity of video surveillance in the most effective way can be possible by installation of motion sensors. This video system enable to start video recording, upon condition of detection within the frame of video camera.

Video door phones for flat: recommendations for installation work

   Installation of the door phone can be made in two ways: using special installation service or do it by one's own forces. First way allows you just enjoy our professional full-service. Engineers have all technical equipment, experience and knowledge, achieving by them in every day experience. They can give an advice regarding your peculiar properties and designed capability of your area. Technical professionals investigate your requirements and do in the best way installation work and test this system in the end.
Для установки и настройки видеодомофона лучше всего воспользоваться услугами специалистов     For installation and adjustment door phone system we recommend professional engineers service. Advantage of special service is he warranty not just for devices, but also for installation, including future adjustment questions or users problems. It can guarantee assurance in some incorrect conditions. Our service relives faults qualitative and fast. The price of installation approximately the same as door phone cost. Making arrangement we recommend to consider exactly the service list. In addition can be works such as cable laying, hole making, wall chasing, fixing system etc.       If you want safe money it is possible to install door phone without engineer. First step is take a closer look at manual. Second step is to estimate the location of future device and make a project of cable laying.After choice of technical equipment, you should start installation preparations. At the beginning you have to lay cable from point of door panel up to door phone inside your area. 80% of installation work is cable manipulations. Laying of cable, occur inside of putting cables to special cable plastic ducts or in the wall ducts. Second way much more difficult and need right doings and accurate approach. But if you do it strictly –installation will be perfect! Using of plastic cable ducts simplify work, but can spoil interior. At the end you should commutate video door phone and video panel using work manual. Door phone fasten by wall dowel. We recommend to attach the brackets oh the level 150-160 centimeters. This altitude has more benefits because it is suitable for a man of average height.
Attention! It is strictly prohibited to lay door phones cable near the voltage cable, because the signal will be lost.  
Существуют модели видеодомофонов с возможностью подключения нескольких видеокамер и переговорных устройств

How to connect video door phone to apartment block`s door phone

Actual question is how to adapt new model with already installed entrance hall`s door phone. At the beginning it is essential to know the model of already installed door phone. Exist two ways how to decide this task: ·        choose the model, which similar by technical specification ·        buy special adapter in addition   Adapter can make, in the simple way, the communication between video your door phone and entrance hall`s door phone. You should join wires between adapter, new door phone and already installed phone. Adapter can support video surveillance and video panel in the same way. Adapter module allows you to regulate microphone. High quality sound guaranteed. Adapter module has a small size, which make the possibility to arrange it with door phone frame or it can be install on connection box in the hall. If some of adapter damage happened- it is easy to replace on the new one, without damage of all system. In real life, the best choice is calling up specialist make the substantial saving, because of different force majeure circumstances in collective housing, which possible happened very often.  If your time and mood are valuable for you – welcome to our company!  
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