Ajax. Conference for partners.

On March 6, in Odessa, one profile event was held that gathered more than 150 people in the GrandHall hall of the Gagarinn Hotel. All these people had only one common property uniting them with each other. This property is an interest in the Ukrainian manufacturer of security equipment called AJAX. Under one roof of a spacious conference room gathered people whose work is somehow related to security. We clarify - with technical safety! And these are engineers of private remote control organizations and heads of both installation and trading organizations, employees of the public security service which is now supposed to be called the Defense Police, designers, representatives of trading companies-dealers of other security brands, engineers of large construction developers and many other specialists in security profile . The event was called AJAX. The seminar for Partners was held with the support of the company Forsage-South, which is a distributor of Ajax in the south of Ukraine. At the seminar, the results of Ajax for the year 2019 were discussed in detail, and in particular, Andrei Rusan, director of sales for the Ukrainian market   I opened the plans and tasks of the company for the year 2020, went over marketing and even ran a little ahead and spoke about Ajax secret ideas and plans for the motivational program for partners. Further, Olshansky Georgy, a specialist in communication with large-scale developer companies, shared the secrets of approaches to developers and promised everyone personal protection and all kinds of support for large projects.   During the speakers' speeches, the most active participants endlessly received valuable gifts.         By the way, everyone was extremely happy, especially judging by the photo below:     But still, the most interesting part for the participants was the speech of Roman Konchakovsky, head of the technical support and presale department.     After all, no matter how ideal the equipment would be during operation, there will always be a hundred different wishes for new equipment features and features from users, and it’s just Roman, and there was that person who first ran through a presentation on new software for console organizations and all of today's hardware "In response to this, in the course of his speech to the various technical questions from the participants, and after that he completely" surrendered "to the purely technical questions from the participants.     At the end of the event, all participants were able to communicate in an informal setting, so to speak, "over a cup of tea" :))     In general, we can say that everything went smoothly because no fights were noticed, and in fact, in ordinary everyday life, all the gathered participants are in essence solid competitors to each other. We can say with success that everything turned out as in the commercial in the final of which you can add the slogan - "Ajax unites" 😊 By the way the video! So we also have a review video for you, see generally yourself. And of course, we remind you that you can always purchase Ajax equipment in our Agent-007 online store