Communication Module Satel GSM-X – a mobile application to any alarm

SATEL GSM-X - is a communication module that can be connected to each Satel security devices and security devices by another manufactures. Also Satel GSM-X can be used as a separate device for remote control.

Main internals:

Informing massage

The SATEL GSM-X communication module can inform: • via mobile communication via SMS, dialing by voice message, dialing with an empty call; • via mobile GPRS via PUSH notifications to the mobile application; • via the wired internet when the GSM-X-ETH module is connected; • via mobile GPRS to the central monitoring station. Notifications can be made to 8 different users, notification of each event is adjust for each user separately. For example, PUSH notification will be sent to everyone, and voice dialing will be send only by the first three users.


The GSM-X communication module has 4 dry contact inputs. Inputs identify a closed contact connected to them or not. Each input can be configured to be normal in the closed state or in the open state.


On the board there are 4 outputs of type OC or open collector. These are low-current outputs that can switch a voltage of 12V 50mA; use a relay to switch high currents and voltages. Each output can be controlled separately through: • mobile application; • by SMS; • dial-up. Also, the switching logic of the outputs can be made dependent on the state of the inputs. For example, you can adjust output number 2 to turn on for 3 minutes when the contact on input number 1 is closed.


Communication module Satel GSM-X is equipped with two slots for connecting SIM cards. The first slot will be the main one, and the second SIM will be used as an additional one. When an additional GSM-X-ETH module is connected, the GSM-X module has the ability to transmit PUSH messages and data to the monitoring station via Ethernet, realizing the third backup communication channel in case GSM is muted.

Power supply

Power is supplied from 12V, the consumed current is 275 mA. When connected as a communicator for security alarm, power can be taken directly from the security device.

Mobile application

The mobile application supports connecting several Satel modules, such as GSM-X and GPRS-A. The main function of course is the alert informing. Mobile application can notify about: • alarms; • entry breakdown; • input restores; • output control; • input blocking; • accidents and malfunctions. In addition to receiving the status of the inputs, you can also control the outputs:

Real example of connecting to security control panel:

In addition to connecting to Satel security control panels, the GSM-X communication module can be connected to security devices produced by different manufacturers, which makes it possible to monitor and control through the mobile application those devices which did not support this functionality. It is enough to connect the siren of your control panel with one of the inputs of the communicator, which will give an opportunity to receive the general alarm. It is possible to connect another input of the communication module in parallel with the status LED, which will make it possible to see through the application whether the device on security or not. In order to be able to activate security system/ deactivate security system if it is necessary to program one of the zone of your device, as activate security system mode, and then connect it to one of the GSM-X outputs. After such uncomplicated manipulations, you get the opportunity to: • receive a general alarm; • protection status; • activate security system/ deactivate security system At the same time, you still have 2 free entrances and 3 exits that can be used to automate your home or remotely control electronic devices, such as electric locks or lighting.

Example of use as a remote control and automation module

Due to the fact that the inputs and outputs of the communication module can be logically connected, and also due to the fact that the outputs can be adjust to turn on for a specified period of time, the following tasks can be solved using of Satel GSM-X: • irrigation management; • control of an electric pump for filling water tanks; • remote control of electric locks and roller shutters; • remote lighting control; and much more.


The Satel GSM-X communication module is an advanced GSM dialer with the ability to notify and control not only via traditional GSM channels, but also through a mobile application. It can be connected not only by the security control panel Satel, but also to devices produced by different manufacturers. The presence of inputs and outputs, as well as the ability to adjust the logic of switching on the outputs, makes it possible to solve a huge number of tasks related to security alarms and remote control and monitoring. The company FORSAGE LTD  is the official distributer of Satel in the south of Ukraine, if you need to install the security alarm system Satel, please contact our high professional managers. If you need to buy security devices or GSM dialers, please contact our online store