How to choose an inexpensive access control system?.

The access control system is the right system in all life situations. Access control is needed in the front door, on the gate at the entrance of the yard, at the entrance to the office - anywhere, when there is a need to let those who are allowed and prohibit access to the others. Any electronic access control system must contain such components:
  • electronic lock (magnetic lock / bolt lock / electric latch / electromechanical lock);
  • controller;
  • reader keyboard;
  • power supply system;
  • door closer
When there is a need to save money, I strongly advise you not to save money in buying of the lock, door closer and power supply system - you will recognize yourself more expenses later. But the controller and reader in some cases can be purchased inexpensively. I pay attention - we do not take the cheapest, but we choose the best fit price with necessary functionality. The price of the door controller is determined by such factors:
  • the number of users;
  • presence of the built-in reader;
  • possibility of connecting external readers;
  • access for users without an identifier;
  • availability of a network interface for remote monitoring
Stand alone access control system U-Tex S601EM is ideal for installation in offices, doors in the hall and gates in public yards.


The main options of build-in U-Tex S601EM:
Power DC12V-24V
The number of users 2000
Distance 3-6 sm
Power <60 мА
Power in stand by 25 ±5мА
Maximum produced power Макс 3А
The temperature distance -45 °С  ~ 60 °C
Water proof Соответствует IP68
The time of relay    0-99сек
The time of alarm 0-3мин
Interface Wiegand 26
Additional connections electric lock, exit bottom, inside reader, input of security system

Appearance and main specifications 

The kit consists of:
  • Access system;
  • Users manual in English;
  • Pattern sheet for installation;
  • Drywall screws for fixing;
  • Led identificator for installation of the door lock.
Access system U-Tex S601EM consists of controller connected with reader and code keyboard. All this means that device possible to admire directly the lock and read EM –Marine cards, and control of the lock using PIN. U-Tex S601EM produced in water proof and vandal-proof housing, which allow you use it not just inside the premise but also outside.


Waterproof housing  IP68 – allow you to install outside, possible to be in fog and rain. Programming using keyboard–  simple to add and delete users, do not need additional adjustment devices.   2000 users with supporting  of access cards and passwords - each user is assigned their access code and a card. If the user has lost the access card - you can delete the access card of this user from the memory, there is no need to program the cards of other users again. The same with PIN access, if someone is no longer working in the office, it is enough to remove the user from the system, his card and PIN will stop opening the door.                   Key illumination - access control system is convenient to use at any time of the day, always visible bottoms you press.   Wiegand 26 input for additional connection of the outside readers – allow you to realize entrance using card or PIN not just for entrance but also during leaving the place.   Wiegand 26 input for additional connection of the outside another systems – can be used for controlling of other systems   The time of open lock – allow you to connect each electronic lock, crossbar lock, snap or electromechanical lock.                   Built-in anti-sabotage alarm, output for connection to the security system - provides extra security if someone tries to open the access control system, an audible alarm will be triggered, and a special contact will be closed that can be connected to the alarm.

Installation and using of access control system U-Tex S601EM

   To begin with, you need to connect the lock and the exit button, the connection diagrams are shown at the instructions, the power should be supplied at the very last turn, making sure that the peripheral devices are properly treated. It is desirable to power the controller and the lock from an uninterruptible power source, so that during the power outage the system continues to operate.After the power is applied, the access system keys will turn blue light.     All settings and users are entered in the programming mode. To enter the programming mode,  dial * 999999 # on the keyboard. 999999 - this is the factory master code in the future you need to change it.   First of all, it is necessary to adjust the response time of the lock opening relay. From this it will depend on how long the lock will be opened after opening operation.To set the opening time in programming mode, enter: 4 0 ~ 99 #, where 0 ~ 99 actuation time of the lock opening relay Then you can add users, users can open the door by code, card or by code and card at the same time.In order to add a user with a contactless card, in the programming mode, enter:   1 ID user # put the card near the reader # ID of user – this is number from  1to 2000 For adding user by PIN code: 1 ID user # PIN code # PIN code number from 0000 up to 9999.

After the user is added, you can start using the access system.
To access the card, just hold it down, enter the code to access the PIN code and press #. 

For authorized users, the door will open, for unauthorized users the door will not open. Below the video demonstrates the work scenarios


Also, do not forget to change the master code, otherwise anyone who reads the instruction will be able to add and remove unknown to you.For more details on configuration and connection, see the users mannual.


 Access control system U-Tex S601EM is a very affordable and easy to install access control system. So easy in use and easy to set up. You can buy access control system U-Tex S601EM in our online store Forsage-South company if you are interested in installing access systems, security alarms or video surveillance.