Express GSM


Video review of standalone GSM alarm system.

  Below we present the video review of standalone system of GSM alarm system – can be used for security of office or home, garage or storage place – not such a big area for example cottage or new building in the process. It can be used also inside of the cupboard in hotel or safe box in your house. This device is all-purposeness! If you need profitable price - Express GSM ! You need portable and fast identification of robber? You need standalone without electricity working? For you it is important to safe security during fishing trip in the tent during the night? All tasks - Express GSM! That is why this device allow you to safe your property 24 hours. Just because of psychological influence for people by loud siren and GSM channel passed immediately for three phone numbers (informing about action) in memory up to disarming. If you need more then one user – it is possible to buy additional cards, for independence. In real life for correct working it is enough 3 batteries – for using 1.5-2 month (the summer will finish sooner then batteries!)of course if the siren (in alarm mode) was not work all the time. To all intents and purposes, if you decide that this device essential  for you, please spend 7 minute your time – to recognize how this equipment will be useful or not. If you recognize this video review as a useful – please estimate this. For us it is important to realize drawbacks.     For buying  Express GSM – please follow this link, this allow you do not spend time looking through the catalogue.