ZKTeco WiFi WL20



Welcome to you, friends! This article will be an rview of the biometric WiFi terminal of the WL20 timekeeping. It is intended for a small office, school, shop, bank, factory, hospital, etc. One of the advantages of this terminal is the built-in WiFi module. The advantage of device for working it is just enough turn on the power supply in th socket t and connect to your router via WiFi. No router?! And it does not matter, since the terminal can work in hot post mode and create a WiFi network. I will tell you about all its pros. To begin with, about the exterior of the device. The terminal is presented to the buyer in two colors - white with a gold frame and in black with a silver frame. The choice of the color of the device allows you to choose the most suitable, including design, terminal best fit to your place. The terminal is attached to the wall laid on type of installation. In the kit there is a bracket, on which the WL20 is hard fixed and fixed with a screw. Also included is a DC 5V power supply, hardware for fastening and manual for setting up and using. Read more about WL20 WiFi settings.
Number of fingerprint templates 1000
Algorithm for fingerprint verification ZKFinger VX10.0
Number of actions   50 000
Display 2,8" TFT display
Connections WiFi, USB-Host, USB Client
Built-in functions SSR, DST, Automatic switching of status access. Enter  Т9 9- ID user, Looking record 
Optional functions  TA Assistant APP, Time Cube Cloud Solution
Power supply  DC 5V 0.8A
Temperature for correct working 0 °С – 45 °С
Рабочая влажность 20% - 80%
Размеры 168 х 125 х 37.
The terminal is designed to work on small objects, so the number of fingerprint patterns is not large relative to “older colleagues”, but this capacity is quite enough to accomplish the tasks.The WL20 has the most modern ZKFinger VX10.0 fingerprint identification algorithm. This makes the user verification process even more reliable and faster. Big capacity of the actions log will allow you to restore the chronology of the events with the terminal at any time. It will be possible to find out who and when entered / left, by what method was identified. The terminal supports fingerprint and code verification. All information is displayed on a 2.8 "TFT monitor .The device can be controlled using the keyboard.In the standby mode, you can see information such as date, time, status of the passage (coming, leaving on, lunch time). You can download attendance reports, settings, personnel information directly from the terminal to the USB-medium. All this is possible because of the support of the USB-Host terminal. Having built-in WiFi module the terminal can be installed in any place, which convenient for you, where there is the socket and a stable level of WiFi signal from the router. Even if there is just socket, you can do this, because the terminal supports the hot post function, which we mentioned at the beginning of tis article. That is, WL20 will make a WiFi connection, connecting with which you can conveniently download attendance reports to the free application installed on your phone. It would be ideal if, in addition to the WiFi module, a communication protocol such as Ethernet was added. More than that about the functionality of the device. The function that allows you to download the attendance report usingUSB drive is called - SSR. Daylight saving time can be implemented by filling in the item in the terminal menu with the date of the beginning of the passing to summer time. This item is called DST. Due to the automatic switching of the passage status, you do not need to press the keys every time before going through the identification, to select entrance, an exit, lunch time. It is necessary to set the time when the entrance, exit, lunch and the terminal will automatically switch the status of the passing at the appointed time. This is convenient, since the number of actions is reduced to one - putting finger to the sensor. Each user can be assigned the name using Latin letters. If you do not have a USB-drive and a smart phone, you can see the attendance reports on the device itself. The search for records is quite flexible. You can select the date, time, user ID or his name to view the records specifically about the person information. The manufacturer of ZKTeco has created an application for the smart phone TA Assistant APP in order to make it as comfortable as possible to work with WiFi terminals. Using the application, you can download reports to your phone in xls format. You can view the attendance information directly watching your smart phone using the Excel application. Also in the application you can set the schedule of work, lunch time, for what time you can be late / leave earlier, etc. These settings can be assigned to an individual or to a whole department. Let us summarize the information ! WL20 is the ideal choice for recording time at a small facility. The combination of the WL20 and applications on the TA Assistant APP smart phone, for terminal management, make the process of monitoring staff time even more convenient and simple. In consequence of compact size and elegant design, the device will decorate any place.