Specialoffer: Free installation of IP camera produced by Dahua Technology


Dahua is the leader in security.

  • Installation means visiting of specialist in your area (Odessa territory and work time), installation and adjustment of video camera Dahua (model: IPC-K35P or similar) customize on the smart phone and future recommendations regarding of using.
condition of special offer regarding devices:
  • The internet have to be connected to your own router
  • Fixing systemunavailable in this particular offer
  • Router have to be easy of Wifiaccess  by request. Login and password should be available for connecting
  • Near the cameras place necessary to be 220V socket
  • The time and date confirm in advance by phone
  • Application for monitoring actions will be install to you sell phone or i-pad, that is why strong request to keep on the battery of your devices.
  • Please check the free memory space (up to 100Mb enough) and the possibility of supporting modern applications by your devices.
Attention! All exceptions will be recognizable individually and can be out of special offer! And the price of additional specialists work will be calculating by the price costat the end of installation.