Odessa. Satel. Seminar.


We will sum up the past seminar.

On 21st of September, 2018 inOdessa, intheconferencehall of the hotel ARCADIA were the amplitudinous training seminar for specialists,engineers and sales managers from the southern region of our country was based on SATEL equipment. It was an amplitudinous because at the same time more then 65 specialists betogathergetting of new knowledge. They were indifferent qualification and with different levels, but all ofthem were prepared with one aim in mind: they would get knowledge about them aincontent of the lection, - PERFECTA product line.     Training weredivide into two steps, a short theory lection and then all time was devoted to a review of all possible issues from a purely practical point of view. All the pros and cons of this line were considered in detail. In a concise way, the three main point of this equipment is - easy of adjustment, intuitive- understandable using, and convenient control. With these concepts, you can simply describe the systems based on the latest PERFECTA Fire Alarm Control Unitproduced by SATEL. The line consists of four devices: PERFECTA 16 and PERFECTA 32 for creating traditional wired systems, as well as PERFECTA 16-WRL and PERFECTA 32-WRL, which allow you the implementation of wireless or hybrid signaling with the ability to connect wireless keyboards. The PERFECTA security system is created for using with  MICRA series of sensors, as well as with the possibility of connecting MSP-300 sirens and new generation MPT-350 remote keyfobs with a range of up to 400 m. The seminar was organized by official distributer of SATEL equipment in the south of Ukraine, the company Forsage-South LTD with the information and technical support of companyDefenceLtd., which today is the exclusive representative company of SATEL equipment in Ukraine.        The main speaker of the seminar was Vladislav Markichev, regional coordinator of SATEL companyof export sales department, a person without whom the seminar would be boring andless informative.     The participants of the seminar were helped tolearn the capabilities of the modern PERFECTA alarm system, theem ployees of company Defence Ltd., leded byKonstantin Semenov, the head of the technical service. Together they learned how tosetitu pinpractice, and also, after listening to the theoretical part, they learned how to better find an approach to the client in sale. Attheend of the seminar, visitors was relaxed at mosphere chatted with colleaguesduring stand-up meal. All the participantsof the seminar received valuable presents from company named Defence Ltd.       For better under standing of the previouse vent, wemade a small 5-minute video review that can show an idea of ​​what you missed if you were not a participant of this seminar.